Bagel Crust

Remember when Bagels had a moment?  I mean really, there was a bagel shop on each street corner. Then, muffins then donuts. We seem, as a carbohydrate loving culture, to always be in an endless loop of one “it” carb after another.  And. Its. Great.

During collage, I worked at Chesapeake Bagel (for those of you who remember located next to CC Pepper / College Buffet near Walmart on North Atherton.) On occasion, I even donned a bagel costume, stood out on North Atherton Street and waved enthusiastically at future bagel buying patrons.  Okay, maybe not so enthusiastically, but you know, minimum wage gave only so much motivation.

My last count of Bagel shops in State College include; Irving’s (which when it first opened was called Irving’s Bagels), and Bagel Crust.  Panera has bagels, and I suppose bagels can be purchased at Dunkin Donuts . But why go to Dunkin to get a bagel?  This brings the bagel shop count up to a solid three (four if you through in Dunkin’) BTW the current count of donut shops in this area is six, No official ‘muffin only’ shop, I’m not sure those even exist.  The only one I knew of was the Top of the Muffin shop in Seinfeld.

So here it is our visit to Bagel Crust

Bagel Crust Café

Located in Calder Alley behind the Student Book Store
A friendly welcome! (although not sure this meets Accessibility door pull guidelines…..)

This was everything we expected it to be.  Nothing fancy, nothing surprising.  Just good bagels, and a lot of menu options.  We came for lunch, because I love a good bagel sandwich.  They also have a very extensive breakfast menu which includes not only breakfast bagel sandwiches, but other items such as omelettes, salads and sides of bacon.  The boys next to us had some sort of bacon cheese bagel goodness, that smelled amazing!  The bagels themselves were good. You could tell that they were fresh, soft with a light outside crust.  I was not sure what the rainbow swirl flavor was, but it looked pretty.

Rainbow Bagels!
Rainbow Bagels!

Menu Selection

Extensive breakfast and lunch menu. And not overly priced. I think the cost was fair for what you got. They use Boars Head meats, options on the Gourmet Sandwich menu come with your choice of home fries, chips, coleslaw, potato or macaroni salad, and a pickle.

Our Order: Hubs got a Baja California which had grilled chicken, pepper jack cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, chipotle sauce. He said it was good, but that the chicken seem like a pre-package grilled patty. I got the Turkey Chipotle which was basically the same as my husbands but Cajun turkey slices instead of the chicken. I also got it on an everything bagel, he got his on a salt bagel.

I think overall, this is everything you would expect in a bagel shop. Its not overly done, there is ample seating inside with some tables outdoors. I also noticed a cornhole game hanging out in the corner. Next time we will be going for breakfast.

Bagel Crust
Bagel Crust




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