Rothrock Coffee

Rothrock Coffee, located off of South Atherton in the shopping center that is also home to Honeybaked Ham and PYP Studio (you will notice a high percentage of patrons at Rothrock dressed in work-out gear).  It opened a few years ago, and I am so glad that there is an option on the South side of town.  They roast their own beans in the store, which are for sale both in store and at many local grocery stores.  I especially like their aesthetic. Clean lines, a long wooden counter with stools that separate tables against the side wall and the coffee prep area.  Its modern, hip(ster) but not pretentious.  It seems every time we are there that the crowd is a mix of post-workout (see proximity to PYP Studio above), students (large quantity of people on laptops), and locals who just want a great atmosphere to sit and sip.

We have stopped by Rothrock many times to grab coffee in the morning and stopped in to buy whole beans to brew at home, but never stopped in to stay, drink and order food. Today was our day. My husband was so excited to try the Peach Ricotta toast that a co-worker kept talking about.  We ordered and while I was pouring cream into my coffee I overheard an employee say to another “we have no peach toast today”.  They, of course, had no idea that we were within earshot or that we were the ones who ordered it.  I quietly warned my husband that in 30 sec someone was going to come up to him and inform him of this terrible news.  Turns out the last day for the Peach Ricotta was…..yesterday.  Insert sad face here.

Rothrock Coffee
Rothrock Coffee

lets eat!

My avocado toast was really good.  Toast, topped with arugula, avocado smash a drizzle of honey and olive oil and sprinkled with poppy seeds.  My husband replaced his peach toast order with the Mediterranean Toast; toast topped with hummus,  spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, and pickled onions.  The only negative (aside from being a day late for peach toast) is as my husband will say every time we are there – there is no liquid sweetener for your coffee.  You know, simple syrup or agave.  This is most likely not a big deal to you, to my husband its everything. Or at least everything for the 15 seconds it takes to put sweetener into your coffee.

Mediterranean Toast
Mediterranean Toast

Unbeknownst to me we choose a table right next to Russ Rose!  I had no idea, really I was just trying to find us a seat.  Apparently my husband noticed and kept winking at me which made me ask (very loudly and cluelessly) “why are you winking?!?!?”.  I figured it out, and I’m sure Coach Rose was not ignorant to our coded interaction either.  Oh well.  He left, and I lost the courage to speak to him. I wanted to mention that we had just received our season tickets for volleyball. We CANNOT wait for PSU WOMENS VOLLEYBALL !!!!!

So far, we give this the “Most-hipster-like-coffee” in State College award

brunching at Rothrock
brunching at Rothrock

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