My My Chicken

Stepping into My My Chicken was like stepping into a hipster cool local hangout you would expect to find in a beach town or nestled into some trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn. Well my friends, if you haven’t already noticed, Westerly Parkway Plaza is not Brooklyn. Its not trendy, hipster or cool however, the addition of My My Chicken definitely elevates the shopping center into a location worth turning into.

My My Chicken
lovin’ that logo

First the aesthetic:  This place has a great vibe – walls decorated with skateboards, most featuring a chicken of some sort.  Seating is ample.  There is a pick up / take out order area when you first walk in, sharing its space with some classic video arcade games. Sadly, a lot of them were ‘Out of Order’;  still cool to look at and for those of us who are old enough, to reminisce about.  The larger dine-in area features just about any type of seating you would want; table and chairs, booths, a bar area, and lounge seats by the window. Okay okay, so the place is cool but how is the food you ask?

true statement for life as well
I think this might be a life lesson too….

lets eat!

The food:  This places knows chicken.  The menu offers a good balance between classic fried chicken sandwiches, chicken combo platters, whole and half roasted chickens and their name sake; My My Chicken.  This is either wings or medallions, coated and fried in one of two awesome sauces and served with rice, Korean style. We ordered two items; a FCBLC sandwich and wings.

Our order
Our order: FCBLC sandwich and My My Chicken wings

First, the sandwich.  FCBLC features boneless fried chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, cheese and herb mayo.  I have to say, this is one of the best chicken sandwiches we’ve had in a long time. The breading is light and crunchy, chicken juicy and no dripping of oil or grease.   Plus, check out that photo – our chicken piece was so massive it needed an extra bun!.


Our Wings: When judging wings, I think there are three key components; sauce, coating and texture, and taste.  First the sauce. My My features two sauces; their version of Buffalo-style, ‘Murica, and Col. Ling, a Korean style sauce featuring garlic, honey and Gochujang.  Don’t worry, you can order your wings half and half so you can sample both.  Most Buffalo sauces look really orange and laid on thick. My My’s take was definitely Buffalo but with a twist.  Whatever their twist is, its delicious. Not too heavy, not too sticky, and not orange colored. And despite my love for all things Buffalo, that Col. Ling sauce was my favorite.  At first I was expecting that the Col. Ling would be the spicery of the two, but in the end I think the ‘Murica had more kick. The Col. was an amazing mix of sweet and spicy and reminded us of a really great Korean wing place in Virginia. The coating and texture was a great combo of a crispy coating fried to lock in that really great chicken and then tossed with those delicious sauces.  To have both a crispiness and juiciness in the same bite is a good thing.  And taste.  Of course they tasted great.  And again, do not be scared of the Col Ling sauce.  Its not ‘hot’ spicy (trust me I can’t handle the heat, I turn bright red) its flavor spicy and its so good.

those wings

Overall we really liked this place. The food was great, and I have to say, so was the service. We will be back, especially since they have a brunch menu.  Be on the lookout for our review of brunch there in the future.

we'll be back
we’ll be back

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