Austin’s Texas Hot Dogs

Austin’s Texas Hot Dogs in Tipton, PA has been an area staple since opening in 1978.  Although its gone through many location changes throughout the years, the same great taste and quality remains.  They now have a new(ish) opened in 2015 location just down the street from the DelGrosso’s Park.  I remember going here as a kid when we visited what was then called Bland’s Park.  This technically does not count as a Centre County place, but just over the County line, its worth the drive. In fact my parents have on occasion, driven to Austin’s for some good Texas Dogs and back, just because.  Plus if you are on your way back from visiting further South, this is a perfect stop.

Austin's Texas Hot Dogs
Austin’s Texas Hot Dogs

Austin’s specializes in well, hot dogs, Texas style.  Fresh-cut fries, and Old Fashioned Frozen Custard.  I like my dogs with just about everything on them, chili, mustard, onions and relish.  You can also add cheese and ketchup.

look at those dogs!
look at those dogs!

lets eat!

We were starving when we went for lunch so I ordered Meal Deal #2 – which included 2 dogs, fries and a drink.  At $6.95, this is an amazing value. My husband ordered Meal Deal #1 – 1 dog, and drink  AND he also ordered Texas Macaroni which is essentially mac-n-cheese with chili sauce.  It was delicious!  Seriously, I can’t understate what a value this place is, plus the food is so good.  Its nothing fancy, and really no need to be.  Just good texas style dogs with fast friendly service.

Texas Macaroni
Texas Macaroni

As much as I love the dogs, and enjoyed the Texas Macaroni, for me what Austin’s makes the best are the fries.  These fries are fresh cut and deep fried to a golden brown with their skin on and I think could take on any other fry in a competition.

Fresh-cut fries
Fresh-cut fries

Austin’s is well worth the trip, or as a great place to grab lunch is you are in the DelGrosso’s park area.



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