Kimchi Korean Restaurant

On a recent very cold Saturday night we wanted something to warm us up and Kimchi Korean was the perfect choice.  Kimchi Korean is located next to Domino’s Pizza on North Atherton – for those of you who have been around State College long enough its the location of where Kenny Rogers Roasters once stood and before that, Dunkin Donuts.  A fun fact – when I google Kenny Rogers Roasters – they only have one US location left, in California and 155 locations spread throughout Malaysia, China and Indonesia.  Who knew.

Back to Kimchi Korean – It actually looks the same as what I remember from Kenny Rogers Roasters, and I swear its the same layout.  They offer dine-in with waiter service or take-out.  The menu is typical Korean fair featuring, rice and noodle dishes served in the typical Korean hot stone pot.  They also have soups, appetizers and a kids menu.  Considering the semester was over and town was empty of students, the restaurant was about half full on a Saturday night which I took as a good sign.

lets eat!

We, ordered steamed dumplings to start.  Typically we get fried (because we usually get take out, and steamed dumplings don’t do well in the car ride home)  The dumplings were really good – the dough wasn’t too thick, although slippery which tested my chop stick skills.

Kimchi Korean steamed dumplings
Kimchi Korean steamed dumplings

I ordered Galbi Dolsot which is a rice dish that has short ribs, mushrooms, bean sprouts, carrots and radishes.  It is served in a hot stone bowl which when you let your rice sit in it long enough, gives you what I think is the best part of Korean hot stone eating, crispy rice.

Galbi Dolsot
Galbi Dolsot

My husband ordered the Dolsot Bibimbap, because he will order anything that is topped with a fried egg. This one didn’t disappoint.  Both of our meals were served with the traditional Korean sides of pickled cucumber, and kimchi and a seaweed soup.  And both of our meals were delicious. I think we would definitely come back or at least get take out – although its hard to replicate the stone bowl in take out.  And really, that’s a major part of the meal.   Prices were fair for what we got and service was good.

Bibimbap - with that fried egg
Bibimbap – with that fried egg


Kimchi Korean
Kimchi Korean




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