Allen Street Grill / Spats at the Grill

Like most everyone around here I was sad to see Spats close after 30 years but….so happy to see that they have partnered with Hotel State College to bring back Spats at the Allen Street Grill.  The Grill has always been a great place to go for great food and what I think is one of the best settings in town.  It’s always fun, no matter the season to sit (hopefully at a window seat) and look down onto the cross roads of downtown.

We happened to be there on a very cold, very rainy winter night – but still fun to look out and be glad that we were not the ones dogging the rain.

lets eat!

The merger of the two restaurants resulted in a menu that reflects the best of both the Allen Street Grill and Spats. Living in Central Pennsylvania, Cajun and Creole food is not something that we get to experience often.  Plus, I have never been to New Orleans! Can you imagine?!  It’s a cuisine that is entirely unique with flavor combinations that I don’t get to taste often so I opted for the Spats part of the menu; Voodoo BBQ Scallops & Shrimp. My husband ordered something more Grill; Cedar-Planked Salmon.  First we started with an awesome seafood bisque for him and a Caesar salad for me.

Cedar-Planked Salmon
Cedar-Planked Salmon

The Salmon was perfectly cooked and served with potatoes and asparagus.  I have to say, I don’t order Salmon in restaurants a lot since I can make it well at home, but this was excellent.  The hands down winner however, was my Voodoo BBQ Scallops &Shrimp.

Voodoo BBQ Scallops & Shrimp
Voodoo BBQ Scallops & Shrimp

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered it, not sure if Voodoo meant spicy, or magical.  It was the latter.  The scallops were large, cooked to perfection; a nice sear on the outside, glazed with the BBQ sauce and tender on the inside. They were served with cheese grits and collards.  You know sometimes you order a meal and it’s really all about the main, and the sides are so-so?  This was not the case – I could have eaten those grits and collards all night if my stomach capacity would have let me.

I would highly recommend headed to the Grill for some great food and great atmosphere.  Make sure you ask for a window seat.  The prices are higher than typical food in the area, but it’s not typical food.  This is a great place for a special event or celebration.


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