We are D.C. transplants, and in D.C.  there is a restaurant for every culture and cuisine.  I miss that.  We were just discussing the other day that State College has no Lebanese restaurants, very little Central and South American cuisine, little to none? African cuisine, but we have thousands of sushi places.  Okay maybe not quit a thousand, but if you really think about it, we have A LOT OF SUSHI PLACES !.  And we are not even close to water!

But everyone who I’ve asked what is the best place in State College – more often than not I hear, Sakura.  It was time to go try.

lets eat!

Located on South Atherton, (across from my ahem ‘favorite’ Mexican place )Sakura offers more than just sushi.  They specialize in Japanese cuisine with a menu  ranging from Hibachi, Teriyaki, Tempura, noodle dishes and of course sushi.

We noticed that they have a board with daily specials – and the two sushi specials looked really good, but if we are trying a new place and they have it, we order the Volcano roll.   That is our sushi place gauge, just like General Tso’s Chicken is my Chinese take-out gauge.

Volcano Roll
Volcano Roll

The Volcano Roll was delicious!  Paper salmon, cream cheese, avocado – fried with spicy crunchy tuna on the top.  This roll, like most specialty rolls is much larger than a typical roll.  This came with eight pieces and I highly recommend it.

We also ordered the Spicy Roll Combo; which included spicy crunchy tuna, spicy crunchy salmon, and spicy crunchy yellowtail. Our favorite of the three was the yellowtail, followed by salmon and tuna – but as you can tell from the photo below, they all looked similar so who knows what we liked  best.  They were all good.  Sushi entrees are served with a bowl of miso soup and a side salad.

Spicy Roll Combo
Spicy Roll Combo

We will definitely be back, especially since there was a lot of rolls I want to try. Plus, the table next to us ordered Pad Thai, and a few of the non-sushi entrees and all of them looked and smelled great.

spicy roll combo
spicy roll combo

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