Faccia Luna

Its Lent, which means, Friday nights we eat seafood.   The first week of Lent we went to the Bellefonte Knights and Catholic Daughters Fish Fry – located at the St. John’s Catholic School.  If you are looking for something to do on Friday evenings check it out.  Even if you are not Catholic or celebrate Lent you are still welcome and can enjoy a good fish fry.

The second week of Lent we wanted to try the fish and chips at My My Chicken (the BEST fried chicken in town) – but…..we arrived, ordered drinks and then were told that they SOLD OUT of the fish. It’s a chicken place, so nothing else on the menu for us 😦  Our back-up plan?  Faccia Luna.

Of course Faccia Luna makes great pizza but did you know they also have some of the best seafood in town.  The seafood menu is usually their special, Friday and Saturday nights.

lets eat!

Since I planted a crabcake seed into his head earlier in the day, my husband ordered the Crabcake Caesar salad.  Which is exactly what it says it is.  A giant crabcake set on top of a large Caesar salad.   Crabcakes here are great, full of lump crab meat, moist and very little filler.

Crabcake Caesar Salad
Crabcake Caesar Salad

I ordered the scallops which came with my choice of pasta; garlic-basil linguine, and my choice of sauce; vodka.  First, the scallops were perfectly cooked – a nice sear on the outside, caramelized and almost, almost starting to turn from brown to black.  The inside not over cooked – opaque but not chewy.

Scallops !
Scallops !

The pasta – was so good.  This is not your typical linguine.  Almost bucatini like as it was long and tubular, but without the holes.  It was obviously homemade (they make in-house)  and had a nice chew to it.  The vodka sauce was the bomb. Some (okay most) vodka sauces are smooth and homogenous, the Faccia Luna version is chunky with pieces of tomatoes and basil. If you have avoided Vodka sauce in the past because its been too spicy, you should try this one – not much of a kick at all.

Vodka Sauce !!!

Of course you will come for the Pizza, but why not try the seafood and pasta next time you are here!


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