The Express

We stopped by The Express in Centre Hall a few weeks back on the first really warm spring day.  I wanted to check out Sammis Greenhouse located just down the road,  but first, we needed to grab some lunch.

The Express, is located in the old Whistle Stop location, originally a late 19th century train station.  From what I understand (thanks CDT) , the owners, Greg and LuAnn Yearick started with a Cajun Food Truck and then decided to open a restaurant.  The Express features barbeque, sandwiches, entrée platters, soups and snacks.

lets eat!

I ordered The Conductor which featured some delicious bbq; pulled pork, baked beans and fries on a  bun.  My husband ordered the Brisket sandwich.

The Conductor
The Conductor

Our food was delicious. Greg Yearick definitely has a knack for barbeque, both the pulled pork and brisket were really good. Both were tender, tasty and served with just the right amount of sauce.  And I must say, the homemade chips that came with our meals are the BEST potato chips. Talking with LuAnn after our meal she explained that they were serving other potato chips until her husband finally decided that he could do better by making their own, and they certainly are. Thick cut and not oily.

Brisket sandwich
Brisket sandwich

I have to say, the service was really good – we spoke with both LuAnn and Greg while we were there, you can tell that they really care about this place and care about the food.  If you are in the area, stop by.  Its only a 15-20 minute drive from State College.  I also highly suggest stopping by Sammie Greenhouse.  If you haven’t been, they have an amazing selection of perennials and annuals and the biggest selection of succulents I have ever seen.

Sammis Greenhouse


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