NOSH! café and grill

NOSH! café and grill opened earlier this year, serving fast casual breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They are located between Rita’s Italian Ice and Local Whiskey on Beaver Ave across from Schlow Library.  You will notice their orange entryway (why the door also is not orange I don’t know. It should be.)  Inside the orange theme continues – and fun fact, ORANGE is my favorite color, so I liked the décor.

My friend and I stopped in last week for lunch and overall, I think this is great alternative to casual lunch downtown.  You order at a counter and can either take out (we noticed most people did this while we were there) or there are a few seats at a counter inside.


NOSH and its Orange entry
NOSH and its Orange entry

lets eat!

At first glance of the menu you would think you were at a very healthy place; Acai bowls, Kombucha, smoothies but, further down the list you see that the menu has a wide variety of options; healthy and not.  Breakfast (served all day); bagels, egg sandwiches, croissant sandwich and other baked goods.  Lunch/dinner fare included an extensive burger menu (I counted eight different ones on the menu) chicken subs (buffalo, bacon ranch…), soup, sandwiches, acai and bowls.  The most extensive part of the menu was their drinks also to note, they serve Rothrock coffee – you can also see my write up of Rothrocks’ food here: Rothrock.

Teriyaki Bowl with onion rings and Matcha Smoothie
Teriyaki Bowl with onion rings and Matcha Smoothie

I was tempted to try a burger, but not really in the mood so we both ordered Bowls.  My friend got the Teriyaki and I got the Southwestern.  Both came with a choice of sides so we were able to try both the onion rings and fries.  Other side options include, tots, chips or banana.   My friends Teriyaki bowl by far was better than my Southwestern one.  The Teriyaki featured grilled chicken, egg, quinoa, black beans onions and peppers.  My Southwest included steak, quinoa, avocado, corn, black beans, lettuce, onions, jalapenos and salsa.  It may be because I am obsessed with Samin Nosrat, author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat but the Southwest bowl really needed some acid and fat; lime and sour cream would of been perfect.  Side note: if you haven’t already watched Samin’s Netflix series based on her book, I highly recommend watching it.  It will make you hungry for good food !

Southwest Bowl
fries !

We agreed that the fries and onion rings were both really good.  The batter is light and gives a great crunch.  I’d absolutely recommend checking NOSH! out.  Its a good alternative lunch option downtown without being too fussy.  The selection of smoothies, coffee and breakfast items would make this a great morning routine.  Next time, I’m trying a burger they all sound good but I’m starting with Gone Nutty; pretzel bun, bacon, peanut butter and cheddar!

fries !


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