The Governors’ Pub

Located on High Street in Bellefonte, The Governers’ Pub offers casual sit down dining, open for lunch and dinner. It is a ‘Pub’ so a big selection of draft and bottled beer; located next door is their sister place, Talleyrand Tavern. The menu has burgers, salads, sandwiches, tacos, and appetizers plus it has a great selection of comfort food and entrees. Items like Fish and Chips, Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken and Waffle, and Crab Macaroni and Cheese all caught my eye. We came a lunchtime, so we stuck with the sandwich part of the menu.

lets eat!

I was in-between ordering the Robert Walker Reuben and the Daniel Hastings Stacker.  I am a sucker for sauerkraut, I am equally a sucker for a sandwich that also has fries, so I went with the Daniel Hastings Stacker. In addition to fries it also had, coleslaw, turkey, swiss, LT and 1000 Island dressing.  The cross section of this sandwich was equivalent to the cross-section of the Grand Canyon. It. Was. HUGE. My husband ordered the Curry Chicken Salad Melt, which was curry chicken salad with melted cheddar cheese.

Daniel Hastings Stacker
Daniel Hastings Stacker

The fries were exceptionally good.  I was really happy when our waitress brought ketchup AND malt vinegar to our table without having to ask.  Normally, depending on the state you are in, vinegar does not come without asking, and gasp….some places don’t EVEN HAVE IT !!!!! So I took it as a good sign but then, when the fries came (as a side to my husbands dish.  I had ordered a side of coleslaw) they were so good that I didn’t even put vinegar or ketchup on them.  These were stand alone, eat alone fries.

Curry Chicken Melt w/fries

Curry Chicken Salad Melt w/fries

The service was good, there was a good amount of people eating there plus they have some outdoor seating. If you are in Bellefonte and are looking for a casual place to eat, try The Governers’ Pub.

Curry Chicken Melt



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