Quaker Steak and Lube

We finally went to Quaker Steak and Lube its been open since 2013, so not sure what took us so long.  This was our first sit down experience as a few months ago we had ordered take out wings since our usual wing place was closed. The wings, my  husband deems are the best in State College so if you are a wing person definitely try them.

We went for dinner with friends before seeing Knives Out (which I highly recommend) and dinner choices near the theaters are limited to Quaker Steak, Rey Azteca and some other chain places.  I do realize that Quaker Steak is a chain, but its new to me so we gave it a shot. Their theme, as you probably have guessed is cars and motors. All the décor has a car theme even down to the salt and pepper caddy on the table – it was an engine part!.

lets eat!

I had always assumed or heard that it was a burger place and it is, but its also has a big menu full of salads, sandwiches and knife and fork meals.   Our friends ordered the steak salad and a burger, my husband ordered the Mac & Cheese burger (with a side salad to ‘make it healthy’) and I got the Boneless wing salad.

Mac & Cheese burger
Mac & Cheese burger

Overall, we all agreed that the food was good.  Our service was standard, in fact our waitress was training someone and both the trainee and trainer were good.  My only complaint is that my Boneless Wing salad was not what I expected – it was I think, to be whatever wing sauce I wanted (Parmesan Pepper) tossed onto boneless wings and served over a salad.  Much like a deconstructed wing experience.  They brought the sauce on the side and didn’t toss the wings in it, along with my salad dressing on the side so it was basically two dipping sauces for the breaded wings over lettuce.  Still good, but just not what I expected.

Boneless Wing Salad
Boneless Wing Salad


Service is generally good to above average.  Prices range:  salads/ sandwiches/ burgers: $10-$14, entrees and steaks: $10-22.

Its a great pre-movie dinner place, we were in and out within an hour.



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